Tropical Rain Bath Bomb

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Slip into the tub with one of our handmade bath bombs and experience the sensation you've been waiting for. Whether you're looking for a relaxing soak in the tub or an explosive tingle for your senses to enjoy, our bath bombs will do the trick.

Tropical Rain Bath Bomb

The warm rain kisses your skin with every drop.  You tilt your head back allowing the water to dance across your face. The water soaking into every pore, immersing you into a state of tranquility. You fell free, and alive.

Raising your arms in the air, small streams of water follow the form of your body. You forget the problems of life, in this moment you are one with nature, a free spirit, floating above all the stress.  With each raindrop you feel the pressures wash away. Your body feels cleansed and at peace. From the moment you step int your Sassy Bath, the tropical fruit scent and lush green color will make you understand why we named this bath bomb “Tropical Rain”.